Hurray! It’s Dinovember! We will have dinosaur-themed crafts and printables each week this month, and a special scavenger hunt. Stay tuned!


Pick up a sheet of dinosaur pencil-toppers! Available at the circulation desk beginning Friday, November 3rd. Pictured below are the pterodactyl, stegosaurus and brachiosaurus. There are six more dinosaurs available! These are sheets that you can color yourself! Adult help with cutting will be required.


We will post photos of dinosaurs in various locations around the village and town starting on Tuesday, November 7th. Write down the location you see in at least five of these photos, and turn in your sheet to the library by November 30th to be entered in a draw to win a STEM dinosaur kit.

Please note that we are NOT leaving dinosaurs anywhere for you to find, we are only taking photos in public locations. If you see an indoor photo, it will be from inside the library. Thanks, and have fun!

P.S. We have created a sheet on which you can record the locations. Download and print it here. You are not required to use this sheet, you can make your list on whatever paper you have handy!


Where, of where could this stegosaurus be? Write down your answer, and keep an eye on this space! We will be posting new photos a few times a week. Submit at least five correct answers by November 30th, and your name will be entered in a draw to win one of three dino-riffic prizes!

This contest is open to all ages and abilities. Contact us if you have questions. Have fun!